Outlook Sync 17
Outlook Sync 2017: for Outlook 2010 and 2013, 2016, and O365download

Outlook Sync 17 released in October 2017.

Outlook Sync is an upgrade from Outlook Sync 2013 some significant improvements. It is an addin created for Wired Contact, but able to connect to any database, that enables Microsoft Outlook users to access contacts within the database. Sent and received emails can be automatically stored to the history of a contact within the database. Users can manually store emails to the history of any contact within the database.

Jump directly from Outlook into Wired Contact, to an existing contact add a new contact, or copy the email to an existing contact. Also track non-deliverable messages on the contact record.

Calendar syncing and cloud storage.

A .NET 2.0 server component is required to provide access to the Wired Contact database.

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New Release v2017 - October 2017

Version 2017 requires the latest server component downloaded below.

Version History
2014-10-02Add Add checkbox to Event Properties, "Store ALL events to my contact record only." This addition accomodates a single event entry in WCE for events with multiple recipients.2013.1.0.18
2013-10-15New Support for Outlook 20132013.0.0.0
2013-10-15New Requires Microsoft Framework 4.02013.0.0.0
2013-10-15New Jump to WCE contacts and create new contacts from Outlook2013.0.0.0
2013-10-15New Track non-deliverable emails2013.0.0.0
Server Component-see note, belowdownload
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Note:Please note that the server side component now contains CRMSyncAdapter13.asmx. If your WiredContact version is not at least 5.120119, you must upgrade your server version of Wired Contact.
If you are running IIS7 (Windows Server 2008 and above), please configure the web.config according to the knowledgebase article found here.
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